Sunday, December 4, 2011

Soybean Processor to Pay $96,588 Penalty to EPA

A soybean processing facility in Iowa, Ag Processing, Inc., has agreed to pay a $96,588 civil penalty as a result of its failure to develop and implement a Facility Response Plan.

According to the EPA press release, inspections revealed storage capacity for more than one million gallons of fuel oil and/or soy oil was located at the facility, but no Facility Response Plan was in place.  The facility was located within 300 feet of a perennial creek, which flows into two small lakes and eventually the Winnebago River.

A Facility Response Plan is required under the Clean Water Act for certain facilities. Under EPA regulations, a Facility Response Plan is deemed necessary to demonstrate a facilities preparedness to respond to a worst case oil discharge.  To learn more about Facility Response Plans, click here:  EPA Facility Response Plan Rule.

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